Lars Flikkeid

combines western technology expertise and south-Asian traditional knowledge of how body and mind cooperate in the human healing process. He was a successful computer scientist and creative product developer for years, even after illness struck.

His mastery of computer programming, electro engineering skills, and creative spirit, not only resulted in advanced technological instruments, but also in a dedicated effort to fuse colorful glass plates into beautiful art objects. It also fired his intellectual and philosophical curiosity when a paralyzing illness affected his neuro system and left him partly paralyzed.

Lars Flikkeid┬┤s intention is to touch a worldwide audience with his writings and lectures. His technological know-how, survival skills, and broad intellectual capacity and curiosity have made him a global digital nomad and an inspirational and transformational speaker worth listening to.

His life now alternates between the cool, Northern climate of Norway and the lush tropical climate of Bali. His writings cover issues such as health, nutrition, energy medicine and the enormous abundance of our planet – if we only chose to cooperate and nurture it.

Communication advisor Anne Torsvik M.Sc.