Bulletproof coffee

Maliani’s cooking for my friend Lars is based on his strong views that fat is good for your brain and health, and carbohydrates are the villains in Western diets. Consequently, Lars’ daily breakfast does not consist of home-baked bread and buns, but of a large glass of the protein-rich Bulletproof Coffee.
Two months ago, I started my days with Bulletproof Coffee and can vouch for the truth in what the company writes on their website. This fat, protein-rich, morning coffee gives you three things:

  • Suppressed hunger. Brain Octane Oil balances ghrelin and CCK, your hunger hormones, keeping you full until lunch. You can read more about the science behind BP Coffee and hunger suppression here.
  • Steady lasting energy. The saturated fat in grass-fed butter slows the absorption of caffeine, which gives you even energy for several hours instead of a caffeine spike and crash. No jitters, either.
  • Mental clarity. Brain Octane rapidly converts to ketones, a type of molecule that your brain uses more efficiently than carbs or sugar. Pair ketones with the slowly releasing caffeine and you can literally feel your brain turning on.

Ditch the carb-heavy breakfast. Start your day with fat for fuel. You’ll be sharp and alert straight through until lunch. Remember what Dr. Mark Hyman writes in his book Eat fat, get thin: Fat burns fat. Carbs sparks insulin. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone.
In the 8 weeks, I have started my day with a Bulletproof coffee, I have lost 8 kilos, and have never felt better!

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