CUMI-CUMI goreng

If you translate this dish to English, it would be FRIED SQUIDS. Squid = Cumi-cumi, goreng = fried.

The squids Maliani buys at the local fish market in Denpasar, have to be fresh. You can tell if they are fresh if the eyes are white and not sunken in. Fresh squids are easy to clean. You tear off the skin and take out the guts, cut them in rings of about 1 cm and give them a quick boil.
The seasoning for squid dishes is the same as for many Balinese dishes: A mixture of the following ingredients:


  • Thai shallots called bombay merah (red onions)
  • Slices of garlic
  • Half a large onion cut in rings
  • Red chili (big and small, depending on how hot you want it)
  • Galan-galan (
  • Tomatoes
  • Squid, 500g (serves 2-4 persons)


The spices, onions, and tomatoes should be chopped. The quantity of small red chillis used is what decides how hot you want the dish to be. The seasoning mixture is lightly fried in coconut oil together with the squid rings.

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