Maliani is an intuitive chef. She composes the meals with a view to sound cooking principles and organic ingredients. The oil she uses is made by a friends mother from local coconuts. The butter and the meat she uses are from grass-fed animals.
The barracudas and the lele fish are caught in the ocean by local fishermen or farmed locally. The greens we eat, fresh ferns, sprouts, water-spinach, beans, and broccoli are grown by local farmers. Ducks parading the nearby rice fields where I have my morning walks, provide us with eggs, and even the coffee we drink, ie. Bali-coffee is made locally from beans grown in the highlands nearby also produced by her friend’s mother.
Maliani’s kitchen is not a big space. She has a small gas stove with two burners, two kettles, a wok and some simple tools. Most days she uses her wonderful spice grinder made of heavy lava stone in which she grinds the delicious and healthy spices she uses for her tasty sambal – the typical Indonesian spicy sauce.

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