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First of all welcome to my new blog/vlog. I have called it “Mr. Lars” since this reflects me the most. I am not a doctor, nor am I a scientist or have a Ph.D., but I have a lot to share that is true and important anyway.

I am excited and look forward to sharing some of the new things I have learned. Not only because they in themselves are fascinating, but because it is essential for people to know about these issues since they will have a significant impact on our lives in the years to come.


  • It will reshape our view of reality
  • It will open for new possibilities
  • It will lead to a whole new way of understanding our body and practicing medicine, to heal instead of just treating symptoms
  • It will fill you with awe and gratitude for being alive in this universe at this time
  • And much more


I am here touching a field that even the brightest physicists do not fully understand. So claiming any understanding would be foolish of me, but still, today’s’ title is a topic that most scientists in the field agree upon, however not the consequences that can be imagined. I will just humbly bring to people’s attention that the reality we live in is not what we traditionally think it is. And I will try to do it in an everyday language. It is not the scientific details that matter, but the overall understanding of the topic. So please forgive any imprecision in what I share


We have all heard of Einstein’s theory of relativity. The famous equation E=mc2 is quoted everywhere without people; myself included, having realized all the consequences of what it tells us.

The fact is that even Einstein couldn’t fully believe everything he found. He spent much of his time trying to disprove his findings because they were too unbelievable even for him to be taken seriously. Since then, physicist all over the world have relentlessly tested them all and have to admit, that yes, they are true, believe it or not.


The bold statement of today is that MATTER DOES NOT “EXIST”- EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

Are you crazy? Everyone can see that matter exist. You can touch it, and you have to relate to it everywhere. Even your body. But here is the secret: IT APPEARS TO US AS IT IS SOLID AND therefore “EXIST.”


In everyday language, “matter” is any substance that has mass and takes up space by having volume. So this is the meaning I refer to here in the post.


… is the quantitative property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object. (e.g. make it vibrate faster).


If you continue to divide matter into smaller and smaller pieces, you will end up with atoms. They can also be divided further into small particles like protons, electrons, and neutrons. But there are many other particles that exist and are described in what we call “quantum physics”


Everything that vibrates has a frequency that denotes how many times it vibrates per second. This is denoted by Hz or “Hertz”. The tone you hear when you are to dial a number on an old telephone has the frequency 440Hz, an “A” on the piano. Yellow light, on the other hand, has a frequency of 10 000 000 000 000 000Hz. This means that photons that light consists of are vibrating very fast.

I added quotation marks to the word “EXIST” because we traditionally think of things that we cannot see, do not “exist.” Since we see matter, it “exsist.” And also since matter is energy, and energy exists, so also does matter. So exists here is more our daily understanding of the word

Most people agree that LIGHT is ENERGY. Light consists of particles called photons. They have different frequency so light can be red, yellow or blue depending on how much energy it embodies. Some frequencies of light are invisible to us, but other animals can see it. I.e., the infrared from a heat source and the ultraviolet from the sun. The more energy the light has, the more damage will it make in our cells. That is why ultraviolet light may lead to cancer, but the warming rays from the fireplace do not.

Picture showing the frequencies of light relative to other electromagnetic rays
Picture from Wikipedia on “Light”. Showing the frequency of different types of electromagnetic radiation.

X-rays are light with even higher energy. It damages tissue, and it shines through solid matter. One very simplified and popular explanation of the reason it can do this is that “solid matter” also is energy, but with a lower “frequency” than the X-rays. Visible light can not shine through matter, because its energy (i.e., “frequency”) is not strong enough. This is a very unscientific way of using the words frequency, energy matter etc, but it illustrates a point, and that is why I chose to explain it like this.
So the reason you experience matter as solid is that your body particles’ “frequency” is the same as the world around you. Here comes the spooky truth:
If your body’s particles had a higher frequency than the surrounding matter (e.g., a solid wall), it could actually pass through it.


Without diving into speculations about what this may lead to, I will repeat the title “Everything is energy” and leave it to you to ponder the consequences. The application of this fact is he basis of all modern technology, and tomorrow it will bring us things that today is unthinkable.

Have an excellent day 🙂

PS. Remember that I want a dialogue. This blog/vlog will be so much more valuable to you, and everybody who reads/listens if it covers topics and questions you care about, so please leave a comment below.
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  1. Hi Lars!
    Awesome man Green signal to your beginning..due course it will get redefined automatically no worries at the starting point..just jump and fly??????

  2. Loving it Lars! Your explanations are simple for someone like me who understand things on other level than science! Thanks for giving me a lesson about sciene by explaining it so simply. Looking forward to the next one.

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