What is Energy Medicine?

“The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.”

Mehmet Oz, MD
2007 on the Oprah show

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Nobel Prize-winning scientist who discovered vitamin C

It may be time for mainstream Western medicine to catch up with the past and to enter the future of real healing.

Huffpost (Dec 2017)


Imagine if modern medicine decided not to take into account essential parts of the body, like the blood. So, when a disease occurs, they check everything except making a blood sample. They looked at the lungs – no problem. They tested the reflexes – still no problem. They even checked the heart with advanced technical tools like Doppler ultrasound and even a camera that could film the blood vessels from the inside – still no problems found. Then the patient dies of toxic levels of something in their blood.

That is stupid you say, and would never happen.
True, for most cases, and doctors do an exceptional job helping people combat and restore from illness, but I have had many friends that feel very sick without the doctors finding any reason. They are left with a diagnosis that “this is probably in your head” and get no help nor understanding. It is a devastating situation for the one who suffers, and people close to them.

This situation often occurs due to lack of knowledge and ignorance from the medical expert.

This blog post will touch a dimension of medicine that is for me entirely new. People around the world in old cultures have known about this and practiced it for thousands of years, but modern medicine has refused to consider this when trying to solve all the health issues that afflict the human race.

I want to write about energy medicine. I am not an expert, but I have realized this is an essential dimension of our bodies, so I want to know more. Therefore, I will start to make it clearer by exposing the mechanics of it all. When I know more about how things look like and behave, it is much easier to relate to it. The first fact that astonished me was that in energy medicine they operate with at least nine different systems, all tightly intertwined, that have a pervasive impact on our health. Of course, this is just an extremely simple introduction to a very vast field, but maybe this can spark someone’s curiosity to dig deeper. At least it has done that for me.


This is a new field for me. I heard about acupuncture already 40 years ago, and I bought my first book on the subject in the early eighties. I remember discussing the matter of Homeopathy with a girl at a school pram while we were dancing, talking about what we wanted to study. Later healing through prayer was a central issue in different congregations and churches I attended in the 80-ies that followed the faith movement among Christians.

I have read about healing, energies, aura, chakras and warm hands, crystals, nutrition (to mention a few), but nobody has been able to give me a complete and compelling picture of what this is. Is it scientific, is it different things or is it just ways of approaching the same fundamental forces in nature? The anecdotic stories and evidence are many, but doctors and scientists will never consider those as a basis for further investigation and research.

If you also add the fact that many people seem to do everything right. They live and eat healthily, takes care of their body and avoid toxic factors in their environments. They still get seriously sick and sometimes dies in spite of all their effort to be healthy.
Since I have experienced myself that “treatment does not affect me”, I have always searched for answers why this is so.

I do not believe that this is just the way life and nature is, and I have to accept it. This conclusion is not correct, and I mean science and medicine ought to turn every stone to try to find the answer. And not always only the conventional stones.

One observation I have made lately is that what once was considered unscientific and new-age-ish, now starts to surface in the discussion of possibilities. Energy medicine is such a field. My eyeopener came when I saw one of the best energy medicine authorities, Donna Eden, demonstrate its powers on stage without making any fuss about it, just explaining it as the most natural thing in the world.

Donna Eden has an extraordinary feature., She can see and feel the energies in and around her body. It was only in adulthood she understood that this is not something everybody experience.

At first, I was baffled and could not believe what she said, but her natural and straightforward demonstrations and explanations led me to start to investigate more. I bought her book “Energy Medicine” and her training at Mindvalley.

In the past, I have heard about concepts as Aura, Meridians, Chakras, etc. without any explanation what they are and how they relate to each other. It was therefore fascinating when Donna could describe how they all exist at the same time and have particular functions in the body. She describes nine energy systems that operate in the body. The fact box below is an excerpt from Donna Eden’s “Energy System Glossary”, a part of her training documentation.

An analogy that helps me to visualize and understand how they operate together is to consider the systems in the body. The vascular, skeletal, muscular and lymphatic system, as well as the nervous system, the neural network, skin, and intestines to mention a few. They all operate together but act individually and have specific functions.
I.e., the skin protects, the skeleton act as a frame, the blood carries oxygen and nutrients, etc. It is the same with the energy systems.

The nine energy systems in energy medicine

What is the Meridians?

The Meridians carry energy similar to the way your arteries carry blood.
The body has fourteen meridians. They also connect acupuncture points that are tiny, distinct reservoirs of heat and electromagnetic energy along the surface of the skin.

Click here to read more.

What is the Chakras?

The Chakras are seven swirling pools of concentrated energy positioned at points from the base of your spine to the top of your head. They supply energy to specific organs, corresponds to a distinct psychological theme and aspect of your personality, and codes your memories energetically.

Click here to read more.

What is the Aura?

A multi-layered shell of energy that emanates from your body and interacts with the energies of your environment. It protects you from harmful energies; and like a radio antenna, it broadcasts and pulls in resonant energies.

Click here to read more.

What is the Radiant Circuits?

The Radiant Circuits work to ensure that all the other energy systems are acting for the common good. They redistribute energies to where they are most needed. Like hyperlinks on a website, they jump instantly to wherever they are needed, bringing revitalization, joy, and spiritual connection.

Click here to read more.

What is the Triple Warmer?

It protects you by networking the energies of the immune system to attack an invader and mobilizing the body’s energies in an emergency for the fight-or-flight-or-freeze response.

Click here to read more.

What is the Celtic Weave?

Like connective tissue that keeps all the energy systems functioning as a single unit, the Celtic Weave winds and spins through and around the body in spiraling figure-eight patterns. Whereas meridians can be compared to streams and chakras to pools, the Celtic Weave is comparable to a web.

Click here to read more.

What is the Five Rhythms?

Moving through all of the body’s energies is a complex set of pulses called the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal) or Five Seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Indian summer) or Five Rhythms. These are underlying energy patterns that flow through and leave their imprint on all of the other energy systems. In ancient Chinese medicine, it reflects the rhythmic pulse of all life that influences human events and cycles.

Click here to read more.

What is the Electrics?

The Electrics, like the Celtic Weave and the Five Rhythms, is a system that acts on all the other energy systems. That’s because the Electrics are comprised of the electrical dimension of each of the other energy systems.

Click here to read more.

What is the Basic Grid?

A dense and slow-moving matrix or grid pattern of energy embedded throughout the body. It is the foundation of the other energy systems and the innermost energy of them all. Just as the skeletal system provides the body’s basic structure, the Grid provides the basic structure for the body’s energy systems.

Click here to read more.


I learned that there are several intertwined energy systems in the body all working together. I also learned that Energy Medicine works with finding blockages and redirecting, applying extra or removing excess energy to establish the balance that is needed for the body to thrive. By taking these systems into account, I believe it is possible to treat many more of the diseases people suffer from


As you probably notice, the sources I use for this blog post are for most cases based on Donna Edens material and teaching. This, of course, may be biased and is certainly not good practice for a scientific article. However, this is a blog post with my reflections on the matter and meant as a starting point for people to dig deeper if they want. I will appreciate comments that can add value to the topic.

Below I have attached some material that you perhaps find interesting:

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I am still searching for more information on radiant circuits.

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Energy Medicine Training

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Energy Medicine Videos

Donna Eden – Introduction to Energy Medicine
(54 min)

Energy Medicine with Donna Eden
(52 min)

Energy Medicine Books

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2 Replies to “What is Energy Medicine?”

  1. These are so important topics to understand. Gratulerer med bloggen, Lars! I love your way of uniting science and the spiritual world. Will you dive more into the 12 extraordinary meridians? I work with an energy medicine called TARA Approach,based on those 12, coming from old Japan under the name Jin Shin. The american neuropsycologist Stephanie Mines Ph.D. has united the old energy wisdom with modern understanding of trauma and the nerve system. In Norway we call it TARA-metoden.

    1. Thank You, Runa. I am very happy for your comment. I will touch into the meridians whenever it is relevant. It is a very interesting topic. I also would like to talk more with you about the TARA-method. Maybe we can do something together later this summer? I will offer facebook-live or zoom sessions open for the public where I want to discuss different topics with people having experience and deeper knowledge in what I write about.

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